We let the vintage pieces rise and shine as brightly as back in their peak days

 and bring the joy from their regained meaning and beauty to your homes

At the same time as we started furnishing our first home, we began to ask ourselves an important question: 
During the reconstruction and furnishing of our apartment, we become a design lovers.  We collected a huge amount of furniture, decorations, accessories and things of daily use, and discovered the beauty, uniqueness and quality of design of the 20th century. Saving things that do not yet belong to scrap has become our passion, which has not left us up to this day.

How to furnish our new home so that we feel comfortable, our home is original, functional and at the same time made of quality materials? 

We finally found the answer closer than expected. Right under our nose. All we had to do was to look around, look with a different view at things that were seemingly unnecessary and discarded. Suddenly we saw an enormous amount of inspiration and an endless source of ideas for our new home.

We want to make this phenomenon visible, closer and accessible to all. Thus to enable you, to enjoy the best from the past, indulge in the brilliance and quality of old times and, last but not least, contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

Get to know our offer

In our online store you will find vintage and used items, with a bright future ahead of them. 

To make your orientation in our catalogue easier, below find an overview of the condition in which you can buy your favourite piece from us.

Labels by type of renovation

Original Condition

vintage item is cleaned and kept in original condition


the furniture is carefully cleaned and re-impregnated with renovation polishes, oil, polishes - they show signs of use and age

New Upholstery

textile parts of furniture are upholstered with a new quality fabric, damaged inner parts are replaced or refilled (spring, foam, etc.) according to the type of original fabrication process

Full Renovation

the furniture is disassembled into individual parts, the original polish (varnish or paint) is removed, sanded down to the original wood, re-stained, varnished (sprayed or painted), assembled and in the case of textile parts - newly upholstered

Damage scale

vintage piece in near original condition which may show minimal traces of use and/or have slight restorations has label


vintage item with no defects showing normal traces of use such as faded finishes or minimal upholstery defects is labeled

Very Good

fully functional vintage item showing sign of age through scuffs, dings, faded finishes, scratches, upholstery defects, stains, or visible repairs is


vintage items with signs of heavy use through upholstery wear-and-tear & cuts, unprofessional repairs, missing minor parts or structural problems is